About Us

Our founder Kim, is a Singaporean veteran investment banking and trading professional with almost 20 years experience in the world of investments and trading.

Kim's area of specialization was in equity and forex trading. Her clientele included sovereign wealth funds, international asset management firms and hedge funds. She has worked in financial centers in both Hong Kong and Singapore and is very familiar with the inner workings of the financial market.

Kim had a knack for chart reading and stock-picking, finding multi-baggers after multi-baggers for friends and clients. She has consistently managed to pick stocks that go up from 2x to 15x in short time spans but her best pick was in 2012 when she picked a micro penny stock listed on SGX that went up 26x in 3 weeks.

Being the adventurer that she is, Kim decided to leave her high paying financial sector job to pursue her interest in trading and spent the last few years doing full time forex trading since 2012, clocking immerse amount of screen-time (up to 15 hr each day sometimes) such that she knows how the markets behave at different hours of the day. 

Kim explored many different trading methods and styles to suit retail forex trading, and has learnt very well the pros and cons of every method. Her favorite trading style is to scalp on low time frame chart because she feels that in order to make a living from forex trading, you must be able to trade under all market conditions, however dull the market is, and scalping on low time frame offers the most number of opportunities to make a decent regular income. 

Of course if you prefer to trade higher time frames, it works too, but do not expect to have income as regular as daily scalping but when the reward comes with higher time frame position trading, it often is in a lump sum. This type of trading method suits the time constrained individual as it takes only a few minutes a day. 

In a nutshell, Kim hopes to be able to share her experiences so that more people can benefit by being able to consistently obtain income (both active and passive) from forex trading.

{ Before her long stint in the financial sector, while still in University, Kim  worked as a part time trainer in a private school, giving preparatory classes for people who were taking the then Paper 2 of the Dealer's Representative Exam, the MAS entrance exam for securities dealers in Singapore. }

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  

                                                                                Proverb made popular by Robert Kiyosaki