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KC Forex is a humble foreign exchange (forex) trading & education centre set up and based in Singapore with the objective of imparting valuable forex trading knowledge at an affordable rate so that more people who aspire to be home traders, people who are in between jobs or people who are seeking a secondary income will be able to generate consistent profits from trading forex. 

Really grateful to come into knowledge of Kim's forex lesson especially when I've spent months online trying to read up all about forex which proved to be fruitless! Can't believe how much time I could have saved if I took up her lessons earlier! Forex is really something one can grasp unless with proper lessons and of course applying it on the charts! Kim's live trading sessions are God sent! You can be loaded with theories of trading forex but it is only with the live sessions where you can really practice and find out how you can improve! After attending the lessons I found what I don't know, I don't know :) Kim goes straight to the point in her teaching and it's comprehensive. Attend her lesson with an open mind (or even a blank mind) and you're bound to bag home some very useful and practical skills when it comes to forex trading. She's patient and very helpful! Kim is extremely passionate about trading forex and it's not easy to find someone who has the skill and generous in sharing so much! If you are worried that it's just a one off lesson and you won't get follow ups or hear from Kim, then you're wrong! She'll be checking on you every now and then to make sure she has succeed in grooming you into a forex trader. Never knew I could understand what forex is all about and I really strongly recommend Kim's lessons if you're exploring a different income source through forex just like myself!

Thanks Kim!.

- Stephanie S.

Highly recommended!! Seldom do you find a trainer as refreshing as Kim. Very Knowledgable, practical and friendly are words that i would use to describe her. I took home some very crucial pointers and learnt that there is a difference between gambling forex and trading forex which is what a lot of people are doing and losing a lot of money as a result. I realised it is not supposed to be that way. Anyone who is looking for a no holds barred, honest and straight forward forex course should enrol in her class. 

PS: Her fees are very reasonable!! 

- Nash Lim

Our goal is simple: To share real​ forex trading at an affordable rate.  

Have you wanted to join a forex trading class but find it too expensive? Majority of forex courses out there are costly, promise you "The Holy Grail" but not many deliver. Many do not tell you what u REALLY need to know about forex trading. Some merely ask you to buy their trading "programs" or strategy but teach you nothing but to just blindly "follow" their signals. And often times either they don't work or they work for a short while but soon you find yourself losing all your profits plus even more. Or, have you encountered websites that make u subscribe to their newsletters or trading method and when they are wrong (which is often) they just hide themselves? or worse, after you subscribe they do not update their content like they promised to?

At KC Forex, we are very practical people. We not only tell you the good, we also advise on the bad. We tell you what you need to be aware of, the pitfalls and what you need to understand as well as manage in order to survive in the treacherous forex market out there. We do not tell you that you can become a millionaire from trading forex (even though it is possible). What we offer at KC Forex is to equip you with enough knowledge to be able to generate a consistent income from forex trading. Whether you decide to trade for a regular income like us, or you prefer to challenge yourself to trade to become a millionaire from say, S$2,000, is entirely up to you. 

We do not rely on signal service nor use indicators nor robots. We trade on price action as price is always the purest and most real gauge. We believe in human decision making from observing what price movement is telling us. We believe in teaching you a skill so that you can be on your own trading for a living, not forever paying for a signal service or use strategies that you don't understand. Our price action trading is applicable to all currency pairs (and even other asset classes). What we teach is a fundamental understanding so you can apply your trading to anything you like. We want you to become independent. We want you to be your own master. Trading is an acquired skill that can be learnt and once you have mastered it, it stays with you for life. 

Our philosophy is simple : Real People. Real Trading. Real Profits. Real Forex.

How are we different from others?

Most forex courses out there only teach you 1 type of trading method, not allowing for you to cater the type of trading that is most suited to your lifestyles and personalities. Yes, you CAN pick the type of trading method most suitable to yourself. Forex trading is not a one size fits all phenomenon. You can either be a scalper, spot trader, intra-day position trader, swing trader, long term strategic position trader, or, better still, be all of it!  

At KC Forex, we teach you everything. It is up to you to decide on which trading style you like to adopt when you start trading, or you can adopt all. Like we said, we want you to be your own master. 

We believe that forex trading should be a lifestyle choice. Therefore, we offer webinar classes, so that you can attend classes in the comfort of your home or office, or wherever you like to. You need not be located in Singapore to be able to learn from KC Forex. People from all over the world are welcome to join our webinar classes and live trading sessions. Our classes include crucial theory classes and "LIVE" trading classes where students get to trade "LIVE" in real market on weeknights with our trainer who will guide you what to do and where to enter and exit. Start making money right from the 1st "LIVE" session just like our past students did!!